Beyoğlu, one of the historical districts of Istanbul, is an attractive center in terms of culture and art. Istiklal Street, located in the heart of this district, deserves to be a center of attraction for centuries with its passages, bazaars, unique historical buildings, places of worship and schools. Halep Passage on Istiklal Street is one of the important buildings that contribute to this center of attraction. The Historical Beyoğlu Cinema located in the passage is an unforgettable part of this structure. Come on, let’s remember the history of the Aleppo Arcade, the history of the Historical Beyoğlu Cinema, and the restoration process together.

Aleppo Passage from Circus to Theater

Located on Istiklal Street, the heart of Beyoğlu, Halep Arcade was built in 1885 by M. Hacar, a merchant from Aleppo. The front of the building, which has a very ornate and flamboyant exterior, was reserved for shops and living spaces, while the additional section at the back, which can be accessed through passing, was home to the Variety Circus Theatre. This variety circus, which featured horse, riding and trapeze shows, was an entertainment venue that the whole of Istanbul talked about. The passage, which became a meeting point for wealthy merchants and art lovers of the period, was converted into a theater hall in 1904. This theater, which is one of the rare large halls of historical value in Istanbul, still maintains its character with its lodges and balcony floors that reflect the characteristics of the period.

Historical Beyoğlu Cinema

Historical Beyoğlu Cinema is one of the most important venues within the Halep Passage. Beyoğlu Cinema, which opened its doors to the audience in 1989, has become one of the most prestigious screening venues in Istanbul. The cinema has become a platform where films that contribute to the cultural richness of Istanbul are shown.

Restoration Process:

The historical Beyoğlu Cinema fell into disrepair and disuse over time and lost its former glory. The iconic hall in Halep Passage managed to survive with the voluntary efforts of moviegoers who mobilized in 2017 after the difficult times it went through. However, with the statement made in 2022, it was shared with the public that if the expected support could not be provided, Beyoğlu Cinema would have to close its doors. With the intervention of the Metropolitan Municipality, the hall entered the restoration process. The restoration, which was carried out in order to preserve the historical texture of the cinema and combine it with modern technology, was recently completed and the interiors of the cinema were revitalized with historical details and elegant design. Beyoğlu Cinema, which was renovated from top to bottom by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Heritage teams, opened its doors to moviegoers again.

In the new period, the Historical Beyoğlu Cinema will continue to be an important venue for those who want to watch various film genres and international productions in the center of Istanbul. It will also be used as a platform for film festivals, special screenings and cultural events. If you want to experience one of the unforgettable memories of your trip to Istanbul, visit Where the Continents Meet, in the Heart of Pera.Aspera Hotel Golden Horn Depart from and visit the Halep Arcade and the Historical Beyoğlu Cinema on Istiklal Street, which you can reach in a few minutes. Who knows, maybe you’ll watch a movie where “the good guys always win” and experience the spirit of cinema and the magic of Istanbul with your own eyes.