Where does the name Karaköy come from? In the Byzantine period, when the Karays, with another name of the Khazar State, settled here, this place became known with the name of this community, and this name, which later transformed, became Karaköy in time. If you want to see the current state of this beauty, which is 10 minutes away from our hotel, we are waiting for you.

Briefly; Aspera which was restored by preserving the 19th century architecture and Aslan Han, one of the most valuable inns of the period and where musical instruments were sold, were brought to the guests who prefer Istanbul as Aspera Hotel. In this inn, which hosted thousands of guests in its history, you will experience an accommodation experience in the sincerity of your home.

As Aspera, we are ready to meet our guests with our 42 rooms, 4 meeting rooms, Spa Center, Roof Restaurant & Café offering the comfort of home in the heart of the city.