Çengelköy is one of the most historical and popular districts of Istanbul. The elements that make this prominent district of Istanbul popular with its magnificent view of the Bosphorus, historical streets and cultural richness are full of fascinating stories and delicious stops.

Çengelköy, located between Vaniköy and Beylerbeyi on the Anatolian side of the Bosphorus, has been known as a settlement since the Byzantine period. At that time, this region was called “Protos Diskos”… This meant “First Bay” and referred to its geographical location. Thanks to the unique location of the Bosphorus, this place has had strategic importance throughout history. Later, the region began to be called “Ta Metanias” because of the Monastery of Penitents founded in this village by Empress Malabora and Emperor Justinianos. The Turkish name of the district comes from the “ship hooks”, or anchors, produced in the region and points to the maritime nature of the region. It is said that during the preparations for the conquest of Istanbul, Fatih Sultan Mehmet came to the shores of Çengelköy and these places began to be called “Çengel village” due to the ship anchors left over from the Byzantine period.

Today, Çengelköy attracts attention with its calm atmosphere, narrow streets and historical structure. Historical buildings such as Çengelköy Mosque and Çınaraltı Fountain bear witness to the past of the district. The historical mansions and old Istanbul houses in the district also offer richness in terms of architecture.

In the past, Çengelköy, like all Boğaziçi villages, was engaged in agriculture and horticulture, and its orchards and the cucumbers produced in these orchards were very famous. Also, the cherry and quince were very delicious.

The neighborhood’s proximity to the Bosphorus and its magnificent views have made Çengelköy a popular place. Especially the coastline and coastal tea gardens give people the opportunity to enjoy the Bosphorus. Walking paths and scenic viewing points are among the activities preferred by those who come here.

Çengelköy is a district that has hosted many famous names in the past. It is known for being the place where famous writers from the literary world such as Kemalettin Tuğcu lived. The works of these writers provide clues about the history and atmosphere of the district. Additionally, it is possible to find traces of Çengelköy in the works of artists, writers and cultural figures.
The neighborhood is also full of delicacies. The famous Çengelköy cheese is the pride of the district and is frequently preferred by those who come to the region to try it. In addition, “Çengelköy Böreği”, one of the local flavors of the district, is a popular destination for those looking for a taste. Cafes and restaurants in the neighborhood combine the cultural richness of the neighborhood with gastronomic experiences by offering these delicacies.

Çengelköy is also an ideal district for shopping. Boutiques selling handmade products, antique shops and shops with local products offer visitors a shopping pleasure. Shops that reflect the historical texture of the district make the shopping experience even more special.

To put it briefly, Çengelköy is a striking part of Istanbul’s historical and cultural heritage. The district offers visitors an unforgettable experience with its historical buildings, natural beauties, cultural diversity and delicious textures. For visitors to Istanbul, Çengelköy is an ideal spot to explore the city’s history and diversity. During your travels to Istanbul, where two continents meet, if you stay at Aspera Hotel Altunizade, at the most central point of the Anatolian side, next to the transportation lines, you can easily reach Çengelköy, discover the past of this historical district and experience the fascinating beauty of the Bosphorus.