The apple of the Bosphorus, the white pearl of Istanbul, Beylerbeyi Palace… Have you seen Beylerbeyi Palace, one of the most important buildings reflecting the historical richness and magnificence of Istanbul? If you haven’t seen it yet, visit this magnificent palace as soon as possible and watch the Bosphorus from its garden; Feel the history in the rooms of the palace and the reception hall with blue columns. Now, you are invited to read this text to learn more about the history, architecture, importance and use of the palace, which is identified with the beauties of the Bosphorus in Beylerbeyi, one of the most beautiful districts of Istanbul.

Beylerbeyi Palace was built between 1861 and 1865 by the order of Sultan Abdülmecid, the 31st sultan of the Ottoman Empire. This magnificent structure was designed by Armenian master Garabet Balyan, the famous Ottoman architect of that period. The materials and details used during the construction of the palace present one of the best examples of the Ottoman architectural style of the period.

So, why was it decided to build a palace in Beylerbeyi district? For the rulers of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul actually consisted of the historical walled district called Fatih today. Places such as Boğaziçi, Üsküdar, Pera were considered outside of Istanbul, and in the past, these districts were visited as if they were going on an out-of-town trip.

However, Beylerbeyi differs from many districts with its location overlooking the Bosphorus. This district, one of the most magnificent and eye-catching points of the Bosphorus, had a completely different place in the eyes of Sultan Abdülmecid, who went on a European trip and spoke French as his native language. That’s why he wanted to take advantage of this magnificent view and the beauty of nature by building a summer palace in Beylerbeyi. The place where the palace was built fully reflects the unique beauty of the historical Bosphorus.

Beylerbeyi Palace was used by different sultans over time. While Sultan Abdülmecid spent the summer months here, Sultan Abdulaziz often stayed at Beylerbeyi Palace. The interior of the palace reflects the lifestyle of the Ottoman government and sultans with its rich decorations, luxurious furniture and magnificent gardens. Beylerbeyi Palace also served as a venue for diplomatic meetings and important decisions. Throughout the history of the palace, many important negotiations and meetings took place here. Queen Eugenie, wife of Luise Napoleon, who was elected as the President of the French Republic but later declared her Empire like her uncle Napoleon Bonaparte, was hosted at Beylerbeyi Palace during her visit to Istanbul. Years later, after Sultan Abdulhamid II was dethroned, he lived in Beylerbeyi Palace until his death. During the Republic period, Shah of Iran Reza Pahlavi, who came to Istanbul in 1934 as the guest of Ataturk, was hosted in this palace.

During the Republic period, Beylerbeyi Palace was used for different purposes. In the 1930s, it served as a part of the Istanbul Maritime Museum and was transformed into a museum where maritime historical artifacts were exhibited. Later, it was transferred to Istanbul Technical University and used as a college for a while. However, in 1984, Beylerbeyi Palace was turned into a museum opened to visitors. This museum offers an excellent opportunity for both local and foreign tourists to explore the historical and cultural heritage of Istanbul.

Beylerbeyi Palace has also played many unforgettable roles in the world of cinema. It was used as an important shooting location for the famous 1964 James Bond movie “From Russia with Love”. The magnificent view and stunning interiors of the palace made the film starring Sean Conery even more impressive and introduced Istanbul to the world.

Another movie shot here was “Mercenary Soldiers” (You Can’t Win ‘Em All), which was shot in 1970 and starred Charles Bronson, Tony Curtis, Fikret Hakan and Salih Güney. In the movie, which is a tight action movie but did not get the attention it deserved despite its famous actors, the headquarters of the Turkish General, one of the commanders of the War of Independence, is in Beylerbeyi Palace.

Beylerbeyi Palace is a must-visit place with its historical and cultural richness, magnificent architecture, panoramic view of the Bosphorus and its reputation in the world of cinema. This palace is an important symbol reflecting the magnificence of the Ottoman Empire and Turkish history. It is also the perfect place for anyone who wants to discover the fascinating atmosphere and beauties of Istanbul. Beylerbeyi Palace offers visitors the opportunity to build an unforgettable bridge between Istanbul’s past and present and is an important part of Turkey’s historical heritage.
How to Get to Beylerbeyi Palace?

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