If Istanbul means seeing natural and historical beauties on the one hand, it also means shopping, taste and entertainment. The most popular street of the Anatolian side of the city, Bağdat Caddesi, you can shop at the most luxurious stores; like a huge amusement park where you can taste the most gourmet delicacies. Let’s enjoy Bagdat Street together then.

The residents of the city refer to Bağdat Street as “The Street” for short. Starting from Kızıltoprak to Cevizli, this road is approximately 14 kilometers long and contains countless shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and entertainment venues. During the Ottoman period, the army gathered in Üsküdar for the expeditions to Anatolia, Iran and Egypt and set out on foot from where Bağdat Caddesi is today. That’s why this road is called Baghdad road. During the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II, the Sultan gifted lands to senior managers and commanders in this region. For them to build beautiful mansions and mansions. When wealthy merchants joined them, ‘Cadde’ gained an “elegant” position as it is today. We also learned its history, so what to do on Bağdat Street?

Shopping pleasure in the most luxurious stores
Bagdat Street is a paradise for shopaholics with its luxury shops, boutiques and brand stores. You can visit the stores of the world’s most famous brands, which offer products in clothing, accessories, home decorations and many more categories, and shop as you please.

Explosions of palate cracking flavor
Bagdat Street offers rich dining options. Kebab shops where you can try local delicacies, restaurants, restaurants where you can taste the tastes of world cuisine, and even many options for street flavors are waiting for you on the street.

Cafes, pubs, bars
You will come across cafes, pubs and bars at almost every step of the street. Whether you want to sip your cafe while browsing the latest books in book cafes, experience different tastes in third generation coffee shops, or sip your drinks and chat with your friends over snacks… The choice is yours.

Movie enjoyment
There are many movie theaters on the street. If you want to watch the latest local and foreign movies, eat popcorn and sip your soda while enjoying romance, adventure or comedy movies, Cadde is just for you.

Walking down the street
Walking along Bağdat Avenue will give you the opportunity to discover the unique beauties of Istanbul. It is also possible to walk around by looking at the shop windows, which is one of the favorite things of young people, or to take a walk in Fenerbahçe Park, which is very close to the street, or on the beach…

Bagdat Street, one of the most popular shopping, dining and entertainment centers in Istanbul, offers you and all its visitors many options. If you want to explore the historical and cultural heritage of Istanbul by wandering the neighborhoods around the street with activities suitable for all ages, all you have to do is go to the most colorful street of the city.