One of the most beautiful places in Istanbul, of course, is the Islands. Going to this untouched place will make you feel like you have traveled both in time and space, after a beautiful sea voyage with the ferries, the most beautiful transportation way of the city. Now, read the answers to the questions we have prepared for you, such as how to get to the Islands, what to do on the islands, why to go to which island, where are the places to visit in the islands and how to have a good time in the islands, and start collecting your belongings.

Pack things up, we’re going to have fun on the Islands!

If you are going to the Islands from Istanbul from the Anatolian side like us, taking the ferry would be the right choice. There are ferry services to the Islands from piers such as Kabataş, Bostancı, Kadıköy and Kartal. You can get information about the departure times and fees of the ferries from the official website of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality or City Lines.

Okay, why do we go?

Istanbul’s untouched natural beauties, unique historical texture and you can enjoy a beautiful sea voyage and eat delicious meals on the Islands, where you can sunbathe, swim, ride a bike, go for nature walks, enjoy the historical and natural beauties, and taste the best fish dishes in restaurants when you are hungry. .

All these activities are very nice, so which island should we go to?

When we say “Islands” in Istanbul, we are talking about four different islands: Büyükada, Heybeliada, Burgazada and Kınalıada. Each island stands out with its own characteristics and offers different experiences to visitors. Let us tell you what to do on which island:

– Büyükada: Büyükada is the largest island of the Princes’ Islands and is famous for its natural beauties, historical sites and authentic atmosphere. When you go to Büyükada, you can enjoy nature walks or go cycling.

– Heybeliada: Heybeliada is famous for its quiet and calm atmosphere. One of the most important reasons to go to Heybeliada is to have a historical experience by visiting the monastery on the island.

– Burgazada: Although Burgazada is a small and quiet island, it is famous for its historical sites, natural beauties and delicious food. One of the most important reasons to go to Burgazada is the walks with magnificent views.

– Kinaliada: Kinaliada is famous for its natural beauties, beaches and authentic atmosphere. One of the most important reasons to go to Kınalıada is to sunbathe, swim in the sea with the view of Istanbul and enjoy delicious fish dishes.

So, what should we see when we go to the Islands?

Would you like a list of the must-see places on the islands?

Büyükada: Hagia Yorgi Monastery, Hamidiye Mosque, Büyükada Pier, Greek Orphanage.

Heybeliada: Ayios Nikolaos Monastery, Hristos Monastery, Heybeliada Pier.

Burgazada: Pier Square, Burgazada Greek Orphanage, St. John’s Church.

Kinaliada: Kinaliada Beach, Surp Krikor Lusavorich Church, Kinaliada Pier.

One of the most symbolic spots of Istanbul, the Islands are famous for their natural beauties, historical sites and delicious food. You can easily reach the islands by ferries and ferries departing from the Anatolian side. Each island stands out with its own characteristics and offers different experiences to visitors. The most popular activities to do on the islands include biking, swimming, hiking and sampling the freshest fish and seafood at restaurants. Places to visit on the islands include historical buildings, monasteries, churches and museums. The most important way to have a good time on the islands is to enjoy the natural beauties and enjoy the authentic atmosphere of the island. Come on then, this weekend, take a storybook of Sait Faik with you and enjoy the sea, the sun and the islands as you please.