Caddebostan is one of the most popular neighborhoods of Istanbul, located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, in the Kadıköy district, between Çiftehavuzlar and Erenköy. Caddebostan, where important places such as Bağdat Street and Caddebostan Cultural Center (CKM) are located, also hosts stores of world-famous brands and a unique “bicycle path” in Turkey. Well, have you ever thought about where the name of this district, which is deep in luxury and beauty, comes from? Let’s go together to the origin of the name Caddebostan, the symbol of luxury, its fearful and terrifying past, the “Witch’s Garden”.

Caddebostan has witnessed many changes at different times throughout history and has become one of the most popular regions of Istanbul today. However, this situation was very different in the past.

During the Ottoman period; This region, located from Bostancı to Göztepe, was full of fields and trees, difficult to enter and control, but easy to get lost. This caused criminals, deserters, criminal types and bullies to make this region their home. It was not possible to control who was doing what in the region, criminals ran as they wished, and those who governed the capital could not approach this environment. Especially the Janissaries were using the forest lands in this region as they wanted and hiding here from those who were after them. Because of this dark environment, the region was known as the “Witch’s Garden”, especially by the surrounding residents, and the Janissaries, who were pursuing shady things, used this fearful name to hide the crimes they committed, and did not allow anyone but themselves to come to this region. After the Janissary Corps was abolished in 1826, this place was seen as a Janissary hotbed and the orchards were removed and the forests were burned. Many important Ottoman administrators had mansions and mansions built in the district. Thanks to many of the most notable structures from the past to this day, such as Ragıp Pasha Mansion, Galib Pasha Mosque, Galib Pasha Mosque Fountain, Sabiha Hanım Mansion, Tevhide Hanım Mansion, this region, which the people call “Witch’s garden”, has a completely different appearance.

Thanks to its geographical location, being on the coast and surrounded by natural beauties, the district has started to turn into a gentrified district. Especially the proximity of Bağdat Street to the district played a major role in the development of this place. The fact that Bağdat Street brought luxury and wealth was a major factor in the change of the district.
Today, Caddebostan has become one of the popular and popular districts of Istanbul. It attracts attention with its coastline, recreation areas, parks and green areas. Walking on the beach, cycling or spending time by the sea are popular activities in the neighborhood.

Places to visit in the district include places such as Caddebostan Beach, Caddebostan Cultural Center, Caddebostan Park and Moda Sea Club. These places are ideal places to discover the natural beauties and social activities of the district.

In terms of taste, Caddebostan offers a rich choice with its various restaurants, cafes and dessert shops. Seafood restaurants, traditional Turkish cuisine and international flavors constitute the gastronomic richness of the district. Especially fish restaurants and coastal cafes offer delightful meals accompanied by sea views.

For shopping, Caddebostan also attracts attention with its boutique stores, souvenir shops and local markets. Especially the stores along the coastline offer different options to those who want to shop.

Caddebostan is a rich district that extends from its historical roots to the present day. It is an important part of Istanbul with its natural beauties, social opportunities and delicious cuisine. The district offers visitors a relaxing atmosphere and the opportunity to explore the lifestyle and cultural texture of the city.

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