Being one of the focal points of Istanbul’s multicultural past, Galata also hosts many religious places. Schneidertempel, which is an art center today, is one of them.

Istanbul, which welcomed the Jews fleeing from the persecution of the Inquisition in Spain in the 16th century, became one of the largest religious centers of the Jews. The Tailors Synagogue, one of the temples built in Galata in the 19th century, has gained a new function, this time as an art center. Thus, on the one hand, a piece of Istanbul’s memory came back to life, on the other hand, the cultural movement found a new place for itself.
Sultan Abdulhamid II, who came to Istanbul and its surroundings in various periods and sometimes with great migrations and sometimes individually, applied for the need for places of worship, and Sultan Abdulhamid II, with an edict issued in 1893, allowed the construction of a temple in a Karaköy region. The Tailors Synagogue, known as Schneidertempel in German, was used as a place of worship until 1940, but had to be closed in 1964 due to the community’s migration to Israel.

In 1985, Schneidertempel underwent a major restoration and was transformed into an art center. Schneidertempel Art Center, which is a carrier bridge between historical heritage and contemporary art production, works more as a humor gallery. Exhibiting drawings, humor and caricature works mainly occupy a place in their programs.

If you would like to visit the Schneidertempel Art Center with its exhibitions of contemporary caricature and different forms of tolerance, in the Galata region, where the cosmopolitan and multicultural structure of Istanbul, where various religions, beliefs and ethnic communities have lived together since ancient times, is most evident. It is an 8-minute walk from Horn.

Schneidertempel Art Center Contact Information: Bankalar Caddesi Felek Sokak N:1 Karaköy / Istanbul